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Bubbly Woggly Tea- Cha Bar’s Bubble Tea

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Scorching summer outside, turning skin to ashes and you are sitting inside a cool place surrounded with books and that musty smell of food, hot tea/coffee snacks and books. Yes, to counter summer, tea becomes iced tea and coffees turn … Continue reading

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Pampore- The saffron town of Kashmir

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Kehwa, Kangri and Zafaran- three words which describe Kashmir so well. So it was for the taste of Kehwa and a tour of the saffron town, that we responded to Altaf’s call, whose family owns a saffron or Zafran field … Continue reading

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The Whistling Kettle-Down the memory lane.

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It was love at first sight. Nathmull’s the tea shop. But it wasn’t a shop, it was an ensemble of culture that Darjeeling’s soul reflected- tea. It was a tea-boutique and my love for tea came to a full circle. … Continue reading

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Timeless Treasures- A book on Weddings, History and Fashion

It is a book, simply a book. No, maybe I went a bit wrong there. It is indeed a book but is not so simple. It is a collectors’ item which is camouflaged as a coffee table book. Jokes apart, … Continue reading

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Tales from the past: Delhi- Tomars to Chauhans,the handover.

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They say all tales in history, is a brick on the wall of change. The tales which Delhi, as a city has, inside the folds of its buildings, walls and streets have often changed the course of our history. My … Continue reading

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River Cruise Flag off- #AKLF2017

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So, the season is here! The Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival took off with a blast from a well organized program aboard Vivada River Cruise. It was as if the organizers Appejay Group and Oxford Bookstore, has specially chosen the beautifully … Continue reading

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Tales from the Past 1-Exploring Kolkata

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History is fascinating, history is yet unknown and we are still trying to mix and match the jigsaw puzzles of time and events. I have always loved discovering a city on foot, provided its winter and the sun is spreading … Continue reading

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Tea: History revisited

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Whenever we discuss the history of tea, people talk about how Englishmen brought it to India. Then they discuss that Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BC had been the one to bring tea into Chinese culture after he discovered the … Continue reading

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‘Chabar’: Chai pe charcha

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I had a dream……. of opening a bookstore. I had also dreamed of a name . I had also decided that there would be a tea coffee corner with very comfortable decorations around. I had dreams of friends, adda and … Continue reading

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A Place named Kashmir…..

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          I dream of sitting by a stream, surrounded with greenery. With the sound of crickets and the flowing water whispering into the stealthy quiet , peace and serenity all around. I plan a trip…. I and … Continue reading

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