The Whistling Kettle-Down the memory lane.

It was love at first sight. Nathmull’s the tea shop. But it wasn’t a shop, it was an ensemble of culture that Darjeeling’s soul reflected- tea. It was a tea-boutique and my love for tea came to a full circle. The shop expressed myriad of expressions. Starting from the early sun kissed morning tea tables to passionate collection of kettles, with lagurous afternoon sleepy warm bakery downstairs. My Darjeeling was complete under one roof and then across the street it was Glennery’s. The view of the ranges were too breathtaking for my camera to remain silent. So I clicked away to glory. That was July 2016.

Kolkata, July 2017: My friend insisted that  would take me to this wonderful place called ‘The Whistling Kettle’, near Golpark. I was quite intrigued by the name and agreed to go. As I was entering the café, a feeling of de ja vu engulfed me. It all looked so familiar. Then it was Sailesh ji who smiled at me as if he knew me. It was then I connected the dots. This was Nathmull’s (Darjeeling) sister outlet in Kolkata. Same ambiance with warm personal welcome and beautiful smiling waiting staffs. The quality of tea, not to mention, was the perfect flavor and teased my senses till I took a lazy sip. They have a variety of combinations and it’s complete with a music corner. I met both Sailesh ji and Debashish ji, courtesy my friend’s familiarity with them, and shared some concern about the mayhem in Darjeeling. They both looked  worried and concerned about the situation too. It was the uncertain that had unsettled the traders.


The Whistling Kettle also serves wonderful food which can be tasted at any hour of the day. The platters include food from morning to night. We ordered a crispy munchy chicken cheese pizza and a  first flush.

Needless to say the taste was just right. The exquisite flavors of teas are a bit highly priced but then the flavors are worth dying for. I loved the way they served the tea. In a goblet , no less. The Sunset Lounge of Nathmull’s are no doubt waiting for their prodigals to return, but till they do Kolkata can borrow the charm of Darjeeling in their cuppa. Till then……

Write up and pic: Mohua Roy.

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