#AKLF- Some candid moments.

With notun gur and pithey comes Boi Mela to Kolkata every year. This is the high of winter time in Kolkata. Since I had started blogging, I have been really keeping my eyes and ears open for any other story telling celebrations in Kolkata other than Boi Mela. Apeejay Kolkata Literary Fest had been a worthy forerunner to Boi Mela for sometime now. This year I got my chance to be a part of it with the Calcutta Instagrammar’s group, with a talented and thriving group of photographers & photo bloggers covering the event. I for one immensely enjoyed my discoveries about Kolkatan’s love for books and literary meets, with this group. Kolkata just loves to celebrate books,films and any  Expressions of  creativity. I managed to catch some candid moments while the celebrities when they were arriving for the inauguration ceremony at Nandan. Aparna Sen, Kalyan Ray,Ben Okri, Barun Chanda, Anjum Katyal, Shobha De, Ms.Maina Bhagat, Debajyoti Mishra and many more.

Spot the star

Spot the star

The young 'Uns@Calcutta Instagrammars

The young ‘uns@Calcutta Instagrammers

Anjum Katyal, with the volley of stars.

Anjum Katyal, with the volley of stars.


The three a’mused’

Demure following,

Demure following,

The stalwarts in art: Barun Chanda

The stalwarts in art: Barun Chanda


Caught unawares

the speaker in Limelight.

the speaker in Limelight.


Two in a row. ‘Muse’ing


Hence it began

IMG_3179 - Copy

All in the same hue


The master of the craft-Ben Okri

IMG_3182 - blog

The unity in diversity

All in a row-the glitteratti pic courtesy: Devopam

All in a row-the glitterati
pic courtesy: Devopam Dasgupta








































  •        On a serious note:The inauguration was threaded together with the garland of the excellence of the famous theater personality Shri Badal Sircar. Having spent a chunk of my life in Delhi,we wouldoften queue up outside auditoriums like Mavalankar and FICCIor Kamani to catch his plays being enacted during Festivals. Plays like ‘Ebong Indrajit’ ‘Baki Itihaas’ ‘Pagla Ghoda’ have left a fond remembrance in my mind. Anjum Katyal’s book on him was inaugurated and Aparna Sen’s movie Sari Raat, which is based on his play, was premiered in the inaugural ceremony of AKLF. Of all the matters that were talked about by Ms. Aparna Sen in her wonderful rhetoric style, the best pointer was her request that films should be made inclusive in school syllabus. I was quite taken in by her idea. Ben Okri was at his eloquent best and spoke at length about his ‘Indian’ experience. He reflected the aura of his

The movie was premiered in the presence of the esteemed audience and the film’s lead actor Shri Anjan Dutta. Some of the other crew members including Neel Dutta,who has composed the music in the film, was present too. The movie as usual left an impact. Ben Okri was at his eloquent best and spoke at length about his ‘Indian’ experience. The festival had begun with all glitters such an occasion deserved. The three days ahead was going to be full of buzz and all the venues promised some goodies. Different venues in the selected are agog with people, events and views.  Kolkata is reunited time and time again with its love- Literature.

AKLF_Schedule2016 (1)

For a comprehensive look into AKLF please check: http://www.kolkatalitfest.in/

Write up and pics: Mohua Roy (leaving one).

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