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I found it and am waiting for others to find it out too. You must be wondering what on earth I am speaking about? Well, it began like this. Every year I make a promise to myself that I will go on a diet plan and stick to it, every year my dietitian tells me that I eat all wrong food and that I need toxic cleansing and every year I search for something to support my cleansing spree apart from those gallons of water she asks me to drink. Needless to say that, every year my good intentions take a flight.

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It was then my friend from Mumbai told me about cold press juices and how that helps while she is following a strict diet regime. I was quite intrigued, and that led me to the concept of this innovation called ‘cold press’ juices. Juices made from fruits and vegetables with extreme pressure exerted. The machine is kept ice-cold and thus the process does not generate any heat, thereby keeping the nutrient value of the juices intact. I began my search in Kolkata. And then I found it….

Inspirit JuicesThe only company to manufacture cold press juice in Kolkata is Inspirit. They have an incredible range of pure juices which are cold pressed to perfection, good taste and home delivered!The juices are made out of combination of various fruits and vegetables. The ranges are :


  • Ravishing- Lowers blood pressure, increases hair growth, high protein energizer
  • Uplift- Aids in digestion prevents heart disease and also helps in reducing fatigue and nausea.
  • Robust-Nourishing and dense nutrients for super alkalizing and anti inflammatory benefits.
  • Sparkle-Supports healthy and beautiful skin and makes you feel rejuvenated.
  • Agile-Sprightly juice for your heart, gut and bone health Alzheimer’s protects against Parkinson’s and curb all sorts of cancer.
  • Restore-Replete with anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties, it improves vision, lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of liver cancer.
  • Booster-Energy booster with anti-inflammatory properties. Helps in fighting cancer, increases your muscle efficiency.
  • Immunity-A sweet and tangy juice for enhancing your digestive health with antiseptic properties. It reduces chances of stroke.

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Storage and delivery packages

Sounds like the result of 6 month’s rigorous diet regime? It is and guess what? It will only take few weeks to lose few pounds. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Further inquiry into Inspirit led me to Abhishek (Jhunjhunwala), the CEO of this inspiring initiative. He is very enthusiastic about the response he is already getting from Kolkata, “ We are already being approached by fitness centers and hospitals, and would love to reach out to you all with this wonder” he said.

What impressed me was the high level of hygiene and hard labor which goes into the production of these juices. As the juices are prepared without any preservatives, they have to pay special attention to storage,packing and delivery time. The juices have to be stored in a special container and then once it is delivered it should be refrigerated till it’s consumption.

I tried three of them the next day and the result took me back to ordering for another round. Apart from fitness, a cleanser schedule is highly beneficial for people with diabetes and high blood sugar and also those who suffer from various lifestyle-related ailments. Check this out for the cleanser chart:

Try out a cleanser schedule for yourself to believe in the results. Inspirit is also offering a special discount of 10% for the first time users. As my friends you have the privilege to avail the discount and quote this code: INSPIRITMOH10 to order for your hamper and ‘Be holistically cleansed with cold press juices’.IMG_1812

P:S- Did I forget to tell you about their Nutmylk products? They are godsend for children and adults with lactose intolerance. Try them out, they taste great too.

Write up :Mohua Roy

Pic: & Mohua Roy.



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