Kolkata Weekend Travel- Falta Riverview.

Falta-Ganges near Kolkata

FALTA: A river, a bank, quiet sunset and green serene surroundings. That sums up the essence of this weekend destination from Kolkata, in few words. The drive from Kolkata to Falta on a busy Friday, took us 3 hours to cover 51 km to reach this beautiful riverside destination near Kolkata. The nature had played her hand in abundance here. The riverside can be easily compared to the town of Allepey in Kerala. When I took a brief tour of the riverside, I was left wishing that Govt.had taken up building a back water here. The river flows into many a canal and flows back into the Arabian Sea.

weekend tour-FaltaA boatman in Ganges

The river- Kolkata Falta


People living here are very simple    village folks, who survive on their earnings from tourism. The village population consists primarily of fishermen and rest work in different factories and travel to cities.The fisherman and his son had many anecdotes to tell us, about how fishes like Rohu and Hilsa were prize catches along with good-sized lobsters. We tasted some fresh catches and the taste was very different from our regular iced meals from the cold storage.

IMG_0873 Thefisher man and his catch-Ganges If you want to write a book or enjoy a day’s serenity,away from the chaos of the city, visit to this weekend destination is a must. A car drive will take only 3 hours. Boat ride ( the original rustic ones across Ganges), a walk by the beautiful riverside and the greenery, that is what we searched for and found in Falta. Resort Ritz Riviera  offers good stay at low-cost. The food served is reasonably good, although its best to mention the preferences for spice less variety  to the chef, for the want of a peaceful stay. Great weekend retreat for a relaxation and peaceful search for self.

Falta :weekend tour Falta- weekend retreat       Weekend near Ganges

The river- Kolkata Falta

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  1. Jaita says:

    Nice photography with the sun and the shining words create a dream -like effect… Am sure the place has to be regal… 🙂

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